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Let's create the NextGen of plant based Food

Great texture.

Nutritious composition.

Truly sustainable.

Combining academic
with industrial experience

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Ingredient Innovation

We develop plant based protein ingredients for the food industry. 

Our expertise lies in creating customized solutions that enhance taste, texture, and nutritional profiles, offering B2B customers unparalleled opportunities to create exceptional plant-based products that will delight consumers.


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Unlocking the full potential of pulses

Revolutionize your plant-based products with customized protein ingredients.

Our unique protein ingredient is crafted using minimal processing techniques, ensuring that the protein composition of the pea is preserved. ​

This innovative approach leads to better products by tackling any formulation challenges at ingredient level. ​​

Swiss technology

We combine the latest science-based extraction methods with agricultural know-how. Thanks to the minimal processing of our carefully selected crops, our protein ingredient can bring your plant-based products to new heights. ​Fabas ingredients are perfect for meat alternatives e.g. plant based chicken, burgers, sausages or steaks as well as dairy alternatives e.g. plant based yoghurts, cheese, desserts.

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