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Meet the Team

We are a female run company with the mission to reshape the food system using a science based approach.

Our Story

You do not need to study Agricultural Sciences at ETH to understand that a shift towards a more plant based diet is urgently needed. But it was exactly this educational background that allowed Anik to get to the core of the challenge we are facing, to rethink which cultures Swiss farmers need to grow on their fields to speed up the required shift of a food system that is beneficial to people and the environment alike. Anik walked the talk together with Katharina and Lena and founded fabas.

Fabas, founded in 2021, is fueled by a simple yet powerful mission: to develop pulse-based products everyone enjoys. We kicked off our start-up journey with consumer products made of pulses grown by «our» farmers in Switzerland, to increase our impact we are now focusing on pulse-based ingredients for the industry. 

We do not just want to meet the standards with our pulse-based ingredients. By combining novel extraction and fermentation techniques we want to set a new benchmark regarding quality, sustainability, and taste. 



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Contact Us

Rütistrasse 16

8952 Schlieren

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